Park Bathrooms on Disney World Marathon Course

Tangles Rapunzel Restrooms
Tangles Rapunzel Restrooms
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We all know using the port-a-potty (aka port-o-let) during a race literally stinks so here’s a guide with maps to all of the real bathrooms in the parks along the course of the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon. The same or similar routes are often used for other half marathons at WDW as well.

Descriptions are in order of appearance for the WDW Marathon.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom WDW Marathon Bathrooms Map
Magic Kingdom WDW Marathon Bathrooms Map

#1- This one is hard to get to due to the fact that it is very much off course and is uphill. I don’t recommend this one because of the difficulty.
#2 – This is an ideal bathroom to hit up. Instead of turning left at Astro Orbiter you run past it towards Space Mountain. Not too many people realize this isn’t that far out of the way and the lines for it can be short for this reason.
#3 – This is the most popular bathroom in MK for the marathon course because you don’t have to move far. It’s on your left and you will no doubt see people darting in and out of here.
#4 – Just to the left of the Mad Hatter Cups is this little bathroom. It’s typically not used much due to most people using #3 on the list and this year will be a little bit further off course due to the changes to go into Fantasyland.
#5 – Small bathroom up by Gaston’s Tavern. Not too far off course.
#6 – Pinocchio toilets. This is a large capacity bathroom. Waiting should be minimal here. As you exit Fantasyland, just turn right instead of heading for the castle.
#7 & #8 – Both are along the course like #3, but can be a little hidden from view. #7 will be the bigger of the two to hit as #8 you have to go back and around which will eat up precious time.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom WDW Marathon Bathrooms Map
Animal Kingdom WDW Marathon Bathrooms Map

#0 – This is just to let you know that there are some nicer porta potty and some not so nice ones once we officially enter AK. We will be running by the animal housing and these are NOT ones that are set up for the race, rather for the workers at AK from my understanding. Don’t freak out if they are locked down as the nice bathrooms are just up ahead anyways.
#1 – Depending on where we exactly we enter the park, this bathroom might be right away when we enter or we might be too far past it to worry about it. I wouldn’t put too much stock into this bathroom if we do run past it as it will likely be full due to people going OMG a bathroom as it is the first real bathroom we have seen in nearly 7 miles.
#2 – This is before you get to Flights of Wonder. Its smaller and on your left hand side, but has quick course access.
#3 – Those of you brave enough to ride rides during the marathon, this is across from Kali River Rapids. If you aren’t riding this ride, no real reason to head up here.
#4 – If I’m not mistaken, this is another smaller bathroom much like 2 and kind of blended in to the theme here. The good part is it has easy course action.
#5 – This should be the last bathroom in this park. You might have to dart off course for this one depending on what time of day you hit this park.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios WDW Marathon Bathrooms Map
Hollywood Studios WDW Marathon Bathrooms Map

Hollywood Studios is light on bathrooms. That’s because of the way the route takes us and due to the park being open to guests. Any of the bathrooms in the park will be accessible, but since we are trying at this point just to finish, there’s no reason to veer off course, unless you are riding rides. With that said, there’s only 2 bathrooms on the course.

#1 – This is on the right hand side after you run up Commissary Lane. You will likely have to turn more than 90 degrees to see it, but it is there. Also of note, this bathroom has STAIRS to go down into it. If your legs are not doing so well, you will want to use the ramps instead.
#2 – This one is right before we exit and on the left if I am not mistaken. This one may or may not have stairs to go UP into it as I know some of the bathrooms do in this park. Once you exit here you only have roughly 1.5 miles until Epcot and roughly 2.75 until the finish.


Epcot WDW Marathon Bathrooms Map
Epcot WDW Marathon Bathrooms Map

Last park is Epcot! Woohoo. You made it this far and you know you have just over a mile till you finish when suddenly, your stomach says WTH did you eat back at mile 22? Don’t fret, Epcot has bathrooms EVERYWHERE. Especially for those that are going to be trying to ride rides at the end, you are golden. But if you are shooting to finish as quick as possible, here’s the order of the bathrooms for the final stretch.

#1 – Morocco I think this is just off to the side if memory serves me right. If it isn’t, do NOT venture into Morocco looking for it. You have too many easier ones to go to instead.
#2 & #3 – America is so great that we are the only country that requires two bathrooms in Epcot. These are located on either side of the big building that serves food. You might have to run around some outside tables, but these are quick access bathrooms.
#4 – Germany, like Morocco, it should be right on the edge of the course.
#5 – Norway. Not to hard to find, just inside the country area
#6 – LAST CHANCE FOR A REAL TOILET. Once you pass here, well, the next real toilet you will have is at your hotel room. Of course, this is a race, and you are roughly .3 miles from the finish so most people skip it.

Hope you find this guide useful. Wishing you a magical race!

Original written by Brent T. for Dopey Challenge and runDisneyRun Facebook groups. Used with permission.

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